January 22, 2016

Hey guys,

I’m alive! Our Branch Presidency let us email you before our P-Day (Tuesday) in order to tell you that šŸ™‚ My flight from Chicago to Salt Lake was delayed for an hour and a half so I got to the MTC late but I was quickly ushered into a welcome meeting. The only thing I missed was the first hour of language class which happened before that.
My companion’s name is Hermana Anderson, and she’s great. We have a good relationship and work well together. She is really list/goal-oriented so that’s been a help to me. My district is fun as well. There is one Elder from California who is going to my mission, but everyone else is going to different places all over.
Spanish is rough, but we’re learning so much everyday. I’m remembering things from high school, but the biggest problem is that I’m speaking a language somewhere between French and Spanish. It’s kinda hard to separate them in my mind but soon the Spanish will replace the French.
They don’t mess around! Today we taught our first investigator in Spanish on only our second full day! It was a learning experience; I’m not sure how much Palma (our investigator) got out of it. I figure as long as I can pray and testify comfortably I should be alright getting into the field. They have every second of our lives scheduled here, so we’re always busy and the days are long. It’s not as bad as people say though, we get plenty of sleep and it’s as fun as you and your district make it. I think I’m going to have a great time here and I’m so excited to be good at Spanish!
Apparently I’m staying here for 7 weeks rather than the usual 6 weeks. Not sure why, but they tell me that it might be so I can go somewhere in alignment with the timing of a transfer.
Please let me know when my background check letter thingy gets in and when you send it (with my passport) into Church Travel. Thanks šŸ™‚
Te amo!
Hermana Morse

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